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Tampa Bay Buccaneers Coffee Mugs

New England's loss is Tampa Bay's gain. The Buccaneers have looked alive for the first time in a long time this year. And no, that's not because Tampa is filled with mounds and mounds of that high quality, 100% pure, Colombian ... coffee.

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No. It's because TB12, his buddy, Gronk, and his other buddy, Antonio Brown, got together with a loaded Bucs squad that has a real shot of winning the Super Bowl. Then again, simple math suggests that if you have Tom Brady as your quarterback, you're gonna be playing in February just under half the time. Which is good, because when it comes to coffee, Brady has never taken a sip.

"I never had any coffee or anything like that ... I just never tried it." - Tom Brady

Meanwhile, Gronk was sucking down Dunks iced coffees with Big Papi poolside on the regular.

Moving back to Tampa Bay, who doesn't want a coffee mug emblazoned with the modified Jolly Roger? Better still, a throwback Creamsicle mug is the way to go. You won't even feel regretful drinking a cup for every consecutive 1,000 yard season Mike Evans owns. You might feel jittery and you might feel like your heart can't be contained within your chest, but regret is not an emotion you will feel. Not for a throwback Creamsicle mug.

  • Update - Congrats on the Super Bowl! Gonna get wild over the next two weeks.
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