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  1. What is Cascara?

    So, you were in to Kombucha before it was cool, right? Get ready to be cool again as buzz builds for the next great delicious, healthy, sustainable, and get-it-before-it’s-cool drink, cascara. Even the name is cool – cascara... but what the heck does it mean?

  2. What is Coffee?

    Coffee is a drink composed of grounded beans from the Coffea plant. Traditionally, coffee is a hot drink, although modern-day versions also serve it in an iced variety.

  3. Types of Coffee Drinks (Hot + Cold)

    If you've ever spent time with a coffee fan, they've likely talked about far more coffee drinks than the standard coffee with milk and sugar.

  4. What Types of Coffee Beans Exist?

    You may be surprised to learn that coffee beans are actually fruit seeds that sit inside berries.

  5. The History of Coffee

    Coffee has a long history, although no one has been able to pinpoint when the first cup of coffee entered the world. Nevertheless, there are plenty of theories out there.

  6. Health Benefits of Coffee

    You've undoubtedly heard about many health studies performed on coffee—some tout its health benefits while others warn against the looming dangers of consuming it.

  7. Coffee Glossary of Terms & Definitions

    If you're a coffee lover, aficionado, or even drinker, you should probably know these terms and how they go into crafting your favorite cup of joe.

  8. Equipment and Gear Needed to Make Coffee

    Coffee may seem like a simple drink, but different kinds of utensils can impact its quality and your overall coffee experience.

  9. The Culture of Coffee, Coffeehouses and Cafes

    Coffee is a global drink beloved by consumers for centuries. The way people consume and perceive coffee around the world varies, but with the help of international coffee cafes like Starbucks, modern-day coffee culture is becoming more standardized.