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Pittsburgh Steelers Coffee Mugs

The Steelers are steeped (not a tea pun) in a rich history of winning and excellence in the NFL. Bradshaw, Noll, Joe Greene, Polamalu, Cowher, Bettis, Tomlin, Roethlisberger, and Rod Woodson. Legendary players AND coaches, nearly all of them. Six championships, and rightfully so.

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Which is why it's tough to even type the words. The Browns. THE BROWNS!

Over 550 yards of offense (500+ passing alone). 5 offensive touchdowns. Two 100+ yard receivers. Clutch plays from rookie phenom Chase Claypool. A near comeback. And yet, the Browns. We thought 2021 would be better.

Ok, this one hurt. On Monday morning, colors were just not as vibrant. The air was noticeably colder. Coffee just didn't taste the same. But that has nothing to do with the playoff loss, it's because you aren't drinking it out of a super awesome Steelers coffee mug.

Whether you are working from home, or you plan to return to the office, you're going to want a black and yellow mug that looks great on display. Let everyone know that you're love goes all the way back to the Steel Curtain. If you're a bit younger, then The Bus. Younger still, to the days of Antonio Brown ... maybe?

The (Coffee) Lessons of Chuck Noll

"Every morning, the Steelers coaches gathered in the kitchen at Three Rivers Stadium for coffee. Often times, Kiely and Noll got into arguments about politics. Kiely was a Democrat; Noll, he says, leaned to the right." - ESPN

(Gridiron) revenge may best be served cold, but a Steelers Coffee Mug will keep your cup o' joe warm, even all the way up in Smethport. Just don't spill any, otherwise you will have to break out a Terrible Towel to clean it up.

... Is that even allowed? We don't know. You know what, don't spill. Or, if you're gonna spill, spill it from a Philadelphia Eagles Mug and just walk away. Bonus points if you walk away with a Pittsburgh Pirates mug in hand.

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