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Philadelphia Eagles Coffee Mugs

Philly Special! You win a Super Bowl. Fast forward three years. Winning coach gets fired.

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Life comes at you fast. You'd better be alert. And there's nothing better than a hot cup o' joe to get you stirring in the morning. Well that, and a new, sharp looking QB by the name of Jalen Hurts. The same Jalen Hurts who wants to be a coffee bean.

“You know, I think you’ve got to try to be the coffee bean,” Hurts said. “Whenever I say coffee bean, you’ve got the carrot and the egg. You put an egg in boiling water, it hardens up. It doesn’t affect anything. The carrot softens up. The coffee bean spreads and gets stronger and impacts the people around you, you know? I’m trying to be that coffee bean.”

Long gone are the days of Reggie White hawking religion, Donovan McNabb hawking soup, and Brian Dawkins hawking, well, ballhawking. But the good memories live on. Randall Cunningham being athletically superior. Chuck Bednarik punishing offenses for existing. Westbrook's versatility and sure hands.

The Vet may be gone, but the sports section of the Inquirer is still your morning coffee's best friend. Speaking of best friends, yours better not have a Steelers Coffee Mug.

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