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Los Angeles Chargers Coffee Mugs

Philip Rivers may have parted ways with the team, but, there is a lot to be hopeful/thankful for in rookie phenom, Justin Herbert. It seems like every other game this season Herbert racked up 300+ passing yards and a few TDs. The future is bright in Los Angeles.

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However, if you want to get nostalgic on your coffee break for the days of Chargers past, we wouldn't blame you. LaDanian Tomlinson, Lance Alworth, and Junior Seau were game changing forces. Antonio Gates helped usher in a new wave of TE play. And we'd be lying if we didn't miss San Diego.

On par with the Bucs Creamsicles unis are the Chargers' Powder Blues. They exude excellence. Standard colors are fine, sure, but some NFL teams just have better color palettes than others, and the Chargers are one of those teams. If a Chargers powder blue mug is in stock, grab one.

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